Today, in the production technique of packaging, there are stages that produce PP plastic materials after production. This material is not a discarded material but is also reproduced and reused to continue production.

If this technique is applied in the production process, it will limit the amount of raw materials discharged to the outside environment, control and reuse of raw materials.

Environmental protection is one of the requirements of the customer besides complying with social responsibility in accordance with the state regulations, product quality, bearing strength – product durability … for manufacturers.

In packaging production, the use of recycled plastic materials in some packaging products is not a new technique in packaging production technology. Each factory has its own technology to use recycled plastic materials for some stages.

However, when using recycled plastic materials, they do not use completely recycled plastic, but rather use a mixing formula of both primary and recycled resins. The plastic mixing formula depends on the product and on the request to limit the percentage of recycled plastic according to customers’ requirements.Currently, the stage of using recycled plastic is the spinning stage. While spinning operation, Technical staff will calculate according to the appropriate plastic mixing formula to put into yarn production. Specifications are kept unchanged when using the plastic raw materials and recycled plastic materials.Regenerated resins will not be as pure as primary resins, are not as white as primary resins, and are cheaper. The quality of recycled plastic is gradually reduced according to the amount of recycled plastic and the impurities in the plastic. The recycled plastic part encourages one use for the product, and then turns the recycled material into scrap.Using recycled plastic materials in packaging production is a step forward in plastic packaging manufacturing techniques. The application of packaging production technology using recycled plastic materials partly meets customer requirements, reuses plastic materials, and limits wastes discharged into the environment. Mekong Plastic Joint Stock Company is implementing and gradually improving the technology to apply recycled plastics in production.Depending on customers’ requirements for products, Mekong Plastic Joint Stock Company will produce according to customer orders that contain recycled raw materials in the right proportion and according to the technical requirements.