Using safety packaging product is the goal of Global packaging production companies.

For producing the safety packaging products with customers, environmental protection, recycled materials and fashionable function, the products of packaging is made from non woven PP fabric being trending, global customers around the world believed and beloved.

By technical and modern hi-tech, the product is made from non woven PP fabric is applied for many fields as: agriculture, industry, shoes, leather, chemicals, packaging, car, construction materials, interior decoration, medicine…

With plastic packaging industry, the products from non woven PP fabric had advantages as:

– Used materials: non woven PP fabric is made from non toxic materials, and be possible for protecting environment, high durable materials.

– Utilities: the product can waterproof, fire protection, soft, odorless. Besides, non woven PP fabric products have good air permeability, light weight product.

– Color: many kinds of color can be made.

– Recycle: reduce materials, product can be reused and materials can be recycled.

– Product function: with many advantages was listed, non woven PP fabric can be used for great deal of industrialist side and can produce many products: underwear, disposable surgical clothes, mask, cap, disposable carpet, draping, shopping bags….

– Product design: diversity designs and easy to design.

In conclusion, operating non woven PP machine will control products by reasonable price, reduce some operations, recycled materials, protect environment.

Catching the trending for using the environmental protection products by producing from the non woven PP fabric products and launch the market, motivate the customers change consumption habit by using regularly the non woven PP fabric packaging, that not be affected to health, friendly with environment aim at protecting mother earth and green planet.